Pursuant to 45 CFR Section 1304.50 of the Head Start Act, the Hinds County Human Resource Agency Head Start Policy Council consists of 29-35 members and serves as a link to Parent Committees, the HCHRA Governing Board of Directors, public and private organizations, and the communities served. The Council is composed of Head Start parents, representatives from the HCHRA Board of Directors, and citizens from the community. This composition ensures that parents and community representatives have an opportunity and are empowered to actively participate in the shared decision-making process of Hinds County Project Head Start.

The Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) acknowledges that it is essential for the Head Start Program to reflect the community as a whole. Therefore, pursuant to 45 CFR Section 1304.50 of the Program Performance Standards for the Operation of Head Start Programs, a formal Policy Council structure was developed to make certain that Head Start parents and other community representatives have accessibility and encouragement to fully participate in shared decision-making. To ensure effectiveness, Policy Council members are required to take part in various trainings and assessment activities. HCHRA’s Vice President for Head Start provides oversight for the Council making sure that all responsibilities are effectively and expeditiously carried out.

Policy Council Officers

Dr. Andrea Montgomery

Vice Chairman

Ebony Jenkins-Owens


Angel Carter

Assistant Secretary

Gwen Wilks


Policy Council Representatives

Tiffany J. Anderson

Oak Forest Early Head Start Center

SirByron Bailey

Welcome Head Start Center

Precious M. Berry

Midtown Head Start Center

Jasmone Bolar

Westside Head Start Center

Jessica Funchess

Della J. Caugills Early Head Start Center

Valencia Gray

Mary C. Jones Head Start Center

Rosevelyn Brown Joiner

St. Thomas Head Start Center

MarKita Keyes

Willowood Developmental Center

Teneshia LeBran

Oak Forest Head Start Center

Aquinta Palmer

Annie S. Smith/ Tougaloo Early Head Start Center

Jessie Pierce

South Jackson Head Start Center

Alfie Shaver

Isable Elementary School

Rosalind Shearry

Richard Brandon Head Start Center

Rebekah Williamson

Gertrude Ellis Head Start Center

Policy Council Community Representatives

Shonna Clark

Community Representative

DeJohn Hampton

HCHRA Board Liaison

Shmeetra Hoskins

Community Representative

Catina Lake

Community Representative

Towanda Martin

Community Representative

Ruby Washington

Community Representative

Tenika Winters

Community Representative