Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) created an internal division called the Department of Family Opportunities (DFO). It was developed to meet all HCHRA’s desired case management outputs and outcomes. In addition to providing access to our internal services, HCHRA plans to maintain current partnerships and linkages with other community service providers and whenever possible, identify and solidify additional opportunities to leverage more support for the families we serve.

HCHRA is engaged in an extensive planning, training, engagement, and customization process requiring regular attendance, consensus building and model development. The elements of the standard operating procedure include:

  • Standardized policies for service delivery including common language and definitions.
  • Data models organized by domains identifying services and outcomes and how they are associated for purposes of service delivery, reporting, and evaluation.
  • e and the bundling of services.
  • Assessment scales for measuring client progress and documenting achievement of outcomes.
  • A standardized case management process.
  • Service delivery map or flowchart.