Hinds County Human Resource Agency’s 2018 Community Strengths and Needs Assessment: Invoking Change

The Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) held recently met with its employees to discuss the findings of its 2018 Community Strengths and Needs Assessment (CSNA). The purpose of the CSNA meeting was to endeavor to shift HCHRA’S focus from not only managing programs and providing short-term solutions to low-income individuals within the Hinds County community, but also to better understand its clientele in order to create success plans and offer opportunities that would positively strengthen and transform a family’s well-being long-term.

The Community Strengths and Needs Assessment is a community-wide report released each year to idenitify the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of children, youth, and families of Hinds County. The assessment focuses on the needs as well as the capabilites of the community, including citizens, agencies and organizations. HCHRA used the report to identify the more specific needs of the citizens of Hinds County in order to help lift its citizens out of poverty conditions through the various services they offer to seniors, those with disabilities or low-income individuals.

The HCHRA CSNA meeting provided a comprehensive assessment to its employees on the ongoing quantitative and qualitative needs within the Hinds County community. David Kinght, Executive VP and COO for HCHRA, stated, “We want to ensure that we are all aware and can communicate to and advocate for the people and communities we serve. In order to do that at top capacity, we must be up to date on our strengths and needs associated with our service areas.” Roger Lutrell,  Vice President of Planning & Development, added, “We first identified the demographic composition of the county to identify HCHRA’s primary constituents. Secondly, we collected surveys from those constituents as well as community partners and understood better what areas ranked as priorty within the community. We will use this information to strengthen constituent relationships and continue to be an agent of change in Hinds County.”

Mr. Knight also stated that this year’s CSNA advanced to be one of HCHRA’s strongest assessments to date. Based on the research and analysis of data gathered, in order to alleviate poverty, HCHRA must not only provide safety net programs, but also treat the trends and conditions of poverty. HCHRA believes that the best position to achieve results would be to focus on employment, education, and housing during the next 2-3 years.

To access the full 2018 Community Strengths and Needs Assessment, visit www.hchra.org and go to Reports & Plans under Popular Topics.