Hinds County Human Resource Agency Releases Its 2017 Annual Report

Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) is pleased to announce the release of its 2017 Annual Report.

HCHRA is the only Community Action Agency in Hinds County and is dedicated to serving close to 5,000 families in Hinds County through education, tuition, housing, nutrition, transportation, employment, safety, case management and home energy assistance programs.

2017 was a historic year for HCHRA, as it marked the agency’s 40th year of successful operations.  Deemed the year of “accountability,” HCHRA focused on results measurements and quality improvement.  The agency made use of new technologies, and new models of funding and delivering that were not previously available.  Through new partnerships with Parents for Public Schools of Jackson and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), administered through the City of Jackson, HCHRA added new outreach programs to include youth development, rapid re-housing, and homeless prevention.  With the creation of the Quality Assurance Division, the agency was able to benefit from real-time perspective on the adequacy of internal controls and the effectiveness of established policies and procedures, thereby giving them opportunities to identify any potential operational gaps and weaknesses and strengthen efficiencies.

The 2017 Annual Report highlights HCHRA’s partnerships with local, state and federal entities and details the agency’s impact and outcomes on helping low-income families and individuals become stable and more self-reliant.  Some of HCHRA’s 2017 outcomes include 29,485 meals delivered to seniors and citizens with disabilities at their homes and 7,411 hot meals served at congregate sites; 116

people obtained and/or maintained safe and affordable housing; 112 obtained employment; 9,882 working individuals or family members received fuel and utility assistance, and so did 7,689 seniors, persons with disabilities and their caregivers; 83 families were prevented from being homeless; 1,598 obtained health care services; 378,911 miles of transportation were provided; 2,275 children received comprehensive development services through our pre-k education program; and 704,896 meals were served to children throughout the school year.

“2017 was a dynamic year for us,” said HCHRA President & CEO Kenn Cockrell.  “We made excellent progress around technology, service diversity, strengthening controls and reducing bureaucracy.  HCHRA is an exceptional company with an extraordinary history of service and a promising future.”

Copies of the 2017 Annual Report are available at Hinds County Human Resource Agency.  A copy of the full report is also available here on the Agency’s website under Reports & Plans.  To request a copy or get more information about the Hinds County Human Resource Agency 2017 Annual Report, call HCHRA’s Planning and Development Department at 601.923.3930.