Hinds County Human Resource Agency Hosts CreditPlus Program

On January 22, 2019, Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) partnered with BankPlus to present CreditPlus, a financial literacy program to help agency clients explore mainstream banking options and improve their credit scores.

CreditPlus is an alternative to high-interest payday loans and check cashing services.  It is a small-dollar, short-term loan with low interest rates designed to encourage participants to develop a regular savings plan. According to Roger Lutrell, vice president of planning and development at HCHRA, “Offering the CreditPlus program is part of a holistic approach we take to serving our clients.  Through this program, we equip our clients with information to help them make wiser financial decisions and we provide viable options to help them achieve financial stability.”

HCHRA clients were required to attend the CreditPlus seminar to receive a Certificate of Completion. They could then establish a CreditPlus checking and savings account with BankPlus and would no longer be forced to use expensive pay day lending or check cashing services, enabling them to save a significant amount of their household income.

Marcia Reed, a CreditPlus representative stated, “BankPlus was pleased to partner with Hinds County Human Resource Agency to present our CreditPlus Financial Literacy Seminar.  The three-hour free seminar covered information about types of credit, how credit can help or hurt you, the importance of savings, and the basics of budgeting and money management.  There was also information presented about credit reports, how your credit score is calculated and important steps to qualify for a loan.  Eighteen people attended the training.  Now they are ready to take the next step to improve their credit by qualifying for a small loan from BankPlus.”

CreditPlus seminars are held on a monthly basis.  If you are an HCHRA customer and would like to attend a class in the future, call the Department of Family Opportunities at (601) 923-3930.  We will make sure you know about every possible opportunity that’s available to you, and we’ll help make sure you’re on the right track to meet your financial goals.  You may also visit www.BankPlus.net/CreditPlus to sign up for a seminar near you.