Hinds County Human Resource Agency Holds IMPACT Training

Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) Project Head Start conducted its “Together, Let’s Make an IMPACT” In-Service Training on November 19, 2018, at the Jackson Marriott Hotel.  IMPACT is acronym that stands for integrity, motivation, professionalism, accountability, change, and teamwork. Participants received useful information on engaging and interactive processes during the training that can be readily applied to their daily tasks.

The workshop included training sessions on effective class concepts and strategies, health and safety practices, conflict resolution strategies, best practices for nutrition services, and instruction on the Virtual ROMA system as well as the ROMA (results-oriented management and accountability) Cycle.

Several in-service training sessions are held throughout each school year for Head Start staff, which is part of the Agency’s ongoing commitment to ensure that staff is accurately trained and equipped with the tools that provide the best possible environment for children and families who are a part of the Head Start program at HCHRA.

For more information on HCHRA’s Head Start program, or any of its other programs and services, visit www.hchra.org.