Head Start Students Are Back to School and HCHRA Is Helping Families Thrive

Christmas is now just a memory and the 2019 New Year has begun.  Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) is off to a great start and has accomplished much upon its return to the second half of the 2018-2019 school year to help its Head Start families be successful.

At the beginning of January, HCHRA organized Project SOAR, a services, opportunities, assistance, and resource fair, to provide families with utility payment assistance through its Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.  While the event was open to the public, HCHRA went a step further to offer the same services to Head Start families during a scheduled appointment at their child’s Head Start center.

Later in January, HCHRA partnered with BankPlus to offer the CreditPlus financial literacy program.  CreditPlus provides clients with a small-dollar, short-term loan as an alternative to expensive payday loans.  Clients who completed the program got the opportunity to join a mainstream banking institution, establish a savings plan, re-establish their credit, and move forward with information to make wiser financial decisions.  Families who did not get a chance to participate in January, can sign up for classes to be held in near future.

Beginning February 4th, the agency partnered with Entergy Mississippi to provide tax services to families at absolutely no cost.  Head Start parents can contact the family opportunities advisor at their child’s Head Start center to schedule an appointment to have their taxes prepared by a certified professional through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. Parents who agree to save part of their total refund will be entered into a drawing for a $10,000 grand prize from the national Save Your Refund program.  Not only is there a chance to win a large cash prize, but parents who normally pay to have their taxes done can now save hundreds of dollars and keep their entire refund by utilizing the VITA program presented by HCHRA.

HCHRA is a nonprofit Community Action Agency that is dedicated to helping families and strengthening communities by moving people from poverty to self-reliance.  “The more opportunities we provide to create a stable home environment for our Head Start families, the more we contribute to the success of our Head Start students well into adulthood,” said Kenn Cockrell, HCHRA president and CEO.  “The family education programs and assistance we offer will positively transform family well-being long-term.”

For more information on HCHRA, its Head Start program, and the services available to Head Start families, click here.