HCHRA Agency Managers Complete PML Program













Hinds County Human Resource Agency is pleased to recognize Vice President of Planning & Development Roger Lutrell, Vice President of the Department of Family Opportunities Ms. Shiandra Luckett, and Assistant Vice President of the Department of Family Opportunities Cornelius Beasley for successfully completing the spring session of the Public Management and Leadership (PML) Program at Jackson State University’s Institute of Government.













The PML program is designed for managers with a critical role in frameworks of public service organizations, government finance, human resource management, government structure, leadership and public management, to name a few. During the 15-week program, participants engaged in in-depth discussions and received intense instruction from an esteemed panel of instructors including former mayors, state personnel board directors, college administrators, and advisors from the Governor’s office.  “The session was packed with great information, professional discussion, and grounded in best practices and high ethical standards,” stated Ms. Luckett.















The PML program sessions equipped HCHRA leaders Lutrell, Luckett and Beasley to become better prepared to help ensure the success of the agency and its employees, as well as its goal to continue helping families and strengthening communities.














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