Join the Circle of Friends dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through engagement, encouragement, and empowerment! Your annual friendship gift of $100 or more provides supplemental support for programs and services that benefit the poor and disadvantaged in Hinds County Mississippi.

Our neighbors and friends are often challenged when trying to achieve the American dream of living decent lives by providing food, clothing, and shelter for their families. The grip of poverty strangles rendering many of them economically unconscious. But…HCHRA is there to step in and offer a HAND UP!

With a holistic approach to case management, HCHRA provides individuals and families with an arsenal of tools they can use to fight poverty and WIN! From Head Start Programs that provide free quality education and access to healthcare for children to educational and employment assistance for adults as well as food and transportation services for the elderly and disabled, HCHRA meets the need.

Yet…with funding uncertainties, it is imperative that others who care join us. We invite you to join the HCHRA Circle of Friends by signing this Friendship Pact. Your commitment will ensure that HCHRA continues…

Benefits of Membership

  • Your name included in HCHRA publications and on the Agency’s website
  • Special invitation to the Circle of Friends Annual Luncheon
  • 50% discount on Gala tickets and/or souvenir booklet ads (limit 2 of each)

To enter the Circle of Friends, view/print the Friendship Pact:

HCHRA – Circle of Friends – Friendship Pact