HCHRA Is Searching for Head Start Students

Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) began operating Head Start programs in 1966 with the purpose of educating preschool children from low-income families and preparing them to be ready to enter kindergarten.  Though Head Start was established in Hinds County under an organization known as Community Services Association, HCHRA has provided the program for the last 39 years.  Since its start, over 60,000 children and their families in Hinds County alone have received a quality early childhood education.  HCHRA is interested to find out where our students are and what impact Head Start had in their lives.  HCHRA needs the community to help spread the word about the Head Start alumni and families of Head Start alumni surveys that have recently become available on our website.

As HCHRA marks 39 years of successful operations as the Community Action Agency (CAA) serving more than 30,000 disadvantaged citizens in Hinds County, we find it important to acknowledge the achievements of those we have served.  Whether you were a student, parent, or guardian, we would like to invite all who have been served by the Head Start program to take a brief online survey, so that we can know your story of success.

You can complete the Head Start Alumni Survey and/or the Families of Head Start Alumni Survey by clicking on either of the links embedded in this announcement — they are highlighted in blue. Two surveys are available – one for those who attended Head Start and one for the family members of someone who has attended Head Start.  If both apply to you, we welcome you to complete both surveys.  We also need you to share these links with friends and family members who may have been part of our Head Start family.

“HCHRA is extremely proud of the positive impact the Head Start program has had on children and families in Hinds County,” said HCHRA President & CEO Kenn Cockrell.  “In an ever-changing political climate, particularly related to early education, one thing holds steady, the loyalty and support of former Head Start students and parents. The survey gives alumni another way to give back. It will help to promote the program’s success and also help us to learn from past performance and identify opportunities for improvement.”

Last year, our nation celebrated 50 years of serving and educating over 32 million underprivileged children in the United States through the Head Start program. “It’s a program that has been built on opportunity and determination,” said Cockrell.  “In recent years, I am especially encouraged that the foundation of the program has grown to include classroom development dedicated to technology and innovation, while still addressing the emotional, social, health, nutritional and psychological needs of the children we serve and their families.”

When young students transition from Head Start into kindergarten, they enter with a strong educational foundation. HCHRA is excited about celebrating and documenting the thriving successes of its largest program.

For more information about the Head Start alumni survey, call HCHRA’s Planning and Development Department at 601.923.3930.

Click here to complete the Head Start Alumni Survey.
Click here to complete the Families of Head Start Alumni Survey.


Head Start School Closures Due to Hurricane Isaac

Hinds County Human Resource Agency is working in partnership with the Hinds County Department of Emergency Management to track our weather and keep you informed of the latest developments.

If the weather should become severe, be sure to check our website for up-to-date information on Hinds County Human Resource Agency office hours, access to our community programs and services, and Head Start Center closings.  You should also tune in to your local news stations for updates.

Make sure you are prepared for the threat of severe weather.  Check out helpful emergency preparedness tips provided by the Hinds County Department of Emergency Management.  The City of Jackson also encourages you to sign up for Code Red severe weather alerts on the City of Jackson’s website, and to call 311 to report and track any problems.

All Hinds County Project Head Start and Early Head Start Centers will be open on Friday, August 31, 2012, except Willowood Developmental Center Satellite Head Start Classroom.