In the summer of 1967, Hinds County Human Resource Agency’s (HCHRA) progenitor, Community Services Association (CSA), was created. Eight years later, CSA was discontinued and reborn in April 1976 as HCHRA, Hinds County’s official Community Action Agency. The Hinds County Board of Supervisors became the sponsoring agency of HCHRA and provided financial and other support, and the City of Jackson donated space and resources.

Head Start, a comprehensive child development program, was established in Hinds County in 1965 through the combined efforts of the Child Development Group of Mississippi and the City of Jackson. HCHRA Head Start was organized in 1967 and placed under the Community Services Association (CSA). Once CSA was discontinued, Head Start was then placed under Hinds County’s Community Action Agency.

Historically, HCHRA has administered various programs designed to assist those in Hinds County who most needed help. Families and youth were the primary focal points from the start. The first programs offered included Head Start, Neighborhood Youth Corps, youth development, summer recreation, family planning, legal services, comprehensive health, emergency medical and food services, and alcohol abuse services. As new community needs were assessed, programs were tailored to help meet them. These included flood disaster relief, transportation, energy crisis assistance, weatherization of homes, a food bank, the Hunger Coalition, a tutorial program for youthful offenders, and daycare and rental assistance.

Former executive directors of HCHRA, listed chronologically, were Rudolph Jackson, Charles Jones, and Curtis Jordan.

Kenn Cockrell, current president, and chief executive officer, has served since July 1993. He was interim director of HCHRA for three months in the spring of 1991.