A Smashing Senior Awards Day!

“I don’t like instant grits!” were the words that bolted out of the mouth of anchorwoman Maggie Wade of WLBT News as she spoke to a lively crowd of about 45 seniors during the Senior Awards Day program held on July 12, 2017 at Mt. Wade Baptist Church in Terry, Mississippi.  “I’ve learned to laugh at myself.  I’ve learned to stay humble.  I’ve learned patience.  And I’ve learned to forgive and let it go.  When you get older, people think you are less useful.  Give our youth the right example.  You are still equipped to use the wisdom you have to reach out to the kids of today,” Ms. Wade continued.  She encouraged the seniors and let them know that there are things left for them to do.

The Senior Awards Day was an appreciation event hosted by Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) for seniors in the Hinds County area.  Rural area sites convened together at Mt. Wade not only for opportunities to socialize, but to present awards for the Funniest Senior, the Best Dressed and the Senior of the Year.  To some, receiving an award was a very pleasant surprise.  HCHRA Neighborhood Service Center site managers who organized the awards program were Emma Welch – Mt. Wade Neighborhood Service Center site manager, Vivian Johnson – Edwards Neighborhood Service Center site manager, and Towanda Anderson – Fannie Jackson Neighborhood Service Center site manager.

Cornelius Beasley, assistant vice president of Community Programs and Services, states the purpose of the awards event was to show appreciation for our seniors in the Hinds County area and to create greater awareness about the programs and services HCHRA has available for seniors, especially in the rural parts of the county.  “We hope that seniors will see what we’re doing and realize they have a place to go to during the week to socialize, enjoy hot meals, and participate in fun, safe activities,” said Beasley.  HCHRA Neighborhood Service Centers are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Last year, HCHRA served more than 5,700 congregate meals to senior citizens at gathering sites throughout Hinds County where seniors met and participated in social activities.  The Congregate Meals Program is funded by the Mississippi Department of Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services through the Central Mississippi Area Agency on Aging.  For more information about senior services and activities offered by HCHRA, call (601) 923-3930 or click here.

Mt. Wade Neighborhood Service Center Awards

Fannie Jackson Neighborhood Service Center Awards

Edwards Neighborhood Service Center Awards